UK “Tar-Coated” Rock ‘n’ Rollers DIRTY FALCON release new album:

NEVER MIND THE BALL-ACHE  IT'S..........          


Sporting heavy riffs soaked in muddy distortion and a raw sound that harks back to the early days of punk, Dirty Falcon pioneer their own exciting hard rock sound on this lively new debut album, Never Mind the Ball-ache it’s … Dirty Falcon.

Rock and Roll has lost her way; that free spirited good time girl with an eye for a cheap drink and an ear for a tune settled down too early and now sits behind a checkout with a fake smile and too much makeup, where did it all go wrong. What happened to the energy - the edge - what happened to the ROCK?? 


So it's left to three London reprobates Chris Carr (bass and Vox), Greg Baker (drums) and Martin “Minz” Inman (guitar) to put things right. Introducing DIRTY FALCON - Long time compatriots and music scene misfits the band formed as a 3 piece in 2010 with 1 remit - "play it hard and loud". Fortunately the day jobs in Landscape Gardening and construction see this power trio only too happy to oblige and on balanced diet of hard rock they're pretty regular when it comes to a belting out a tune.


But this isn't mere imitation or flattery to deceive - this is a realisation of what made Rock so great in the first place - a drummer dropping bombs like Bonham, a singer ripping through vocal chords like the lives of a reckless cat and a guitarist stripping the whole scene back to bare wood with Sonics that echo the Rock Gods of old. This is the real deal - it's why kids start bands. It's why just maybe good lady "Rock" can hold her head up, tell the boss to "f@&; off" and start living again - who knows maybe her best years are still ahead of her...


The 6 track record was released digitally and on 10" vinyl through Dirty Bird Records UK and licensed non-exclusively to Factory Fast Records USA. It is distributed and available to buy through CD Baby:

Stream it now on SOUNDCLOUD: