The Birds Nest, London. UK 7th February 2020

The Monarch, London. UK, 30th November 2019

A Summer Burnout, Gravesend. UK. 24th August 2019

St Moritz, London, UK. 4th May 2019

The Unicorn, London, UK. 25th April 2019

The Carlisle, Hastings, UK. 12th April 2019

The Big Red, London, UK. 28th March 2019

The Islington, London, UK. 1st March 2019

Camden Rocks Presents, The Monarch, London, UK. 26th January 2019


The Big Red, London, UK.  3rd November 2018


Red Roar Festival Summers End, Gravesend, UK. 31st August 2018


New Cross Inn Alldayer, London, UK. 12th August 2018


Antidote Fest, London UK. 14th July 2018

Countercult Alldayer, Hyde, UK. June 16th 2018


Red Roar Festival, Gravesend, UK. 26th May 2018.


Spinning Top, Stockport. Uk . 21st April 2018


Rebellion, Manchester, London. Uk 24th March 2018


The Dublin Castle, London. UK. 10th February 2018


The Birds Nest, London. UK. 16th December 2017


The Fighting Cocks, Kingstone.UK. 1 December  2017

The Big Red, London. UK. 24TH November 2017

New Cross Rocks, London. Uk. 18th November 2017

The Vic Bikers Pub, Coalville. UK 21st October 2017

The Alley Cat, London. UK 16 June 2017


The Plough and Harrow, London. UK. 8 Mar 2017


The Constitution, London. UK. 24 Feb 2017

Rocktober Festival, London. UK. 23 Oct 2016

Red Roar Festival, Gravesend. UK. 15 Sept 2016

Fiddlers Elbow, London. UK. 01 Jul 2016

Dirty Falcon Album Launch @ The Alley Cat, London. UK 18 Jun 2016

Blank Generation Festival, London. UK. 27 May 2016

T-Chances, London. UK. 02 Jan 2016

The Gunners Pub, London. UK. 10th Nov 2015

The Birds Nest, London. UK. 24 Oct 2015

T-Chances, London. UK. 26th Sept 2015

The Dublin Castle. UK. 19th July.2015

The Alley Cat, London. UK. 25th June 2015

The Birds Nest, London. UK. 19th March 2015

The Black Heart, London. UK. 26th Jan 2015

Ryan's Bar, London. UK. 22 Nov 2014

Churchill Tavern, Ramsgate. UK. 21 Nov 2014

The Birds Nest, London. UK. 08 Nov 2014

Aces & Eights, London, UK. 14 Mar 2014

Water Rats, London. UK. 03 Jan 2014

The Garage, London. UK. 08 Nov 2013

100 Club, London. UK. 15 July 2013

Road Trip Bar, London. UK. 03 Oct 2013

The Dublin Castle. London. UK. 25 June 201l