There's a smooth, dark, harshness about Dirty Falcon, three seasoned rock n rollers coated in a tar that has long since been mistaken for leather. Bitterness, resentment, rebellion moulded into dark humour pumps through the veins of their music.

The three protagonists, Chris Carr, Martin Inman and Greg Baker form a solid unit built on friendship, camaraderie and experience. Carr's vocals cut like the ghost of a long dead 70's punk, Inman's guitar squeals like the surviving member of a band killed in a plane crash and Baker's drums explode like he's pounding them with the recently exhumed bones of John Bonham.

The band formed theoretically at the Green Man Festival in 2010 but didn’t really start making a noise until 2012 when drunken ideas became a reality and they started cutting their teeth on the London circuit. Relentless rehearsing, a tour of the UK, two short tours in the Czech Republic and several recording sessions saw them cut their first vinyl, 'Never Mind The's Dirty Falcon', in early 2016 which they released under there own label Dirty Bird Records and was picked up by US label Factory Fast Recordings. In 2017 they followed it up with the eagerly awaited Dirty Falcon II 'Another Man's Ball-Ache' heavier and tighter they toured it hard over 2018/2019. They had started work on their third album Dirty Falcon's 'Medicine' when Covid hit and they managed to finish it off in between lock-downs over 2020. Medicine shows a different side to the band interspersing dark acoustic sounds with the harder rock they are renoun for. 2021 has been about releasing Medicine and getting back up to speed in the rehearsal room. They are looking to tour in 2022.....